The Job of a Tree Surgeon


A Tree Surgeon is a skilled professional who is responsible for safely felling trees and pruning trees. They can also safely remove tree stumps. Only fully trained professionals can perform these dangerous and difficult tasks. The job of a Tree Surgeon requires skill and precision to prevent injury and damage to the surrounding trees. However, if you’re interested in this field, there are a number of factors you should consider.

Job description

The Job description for a tree surgeon is varied and can involve general care and pruning tasks. This type of job is often self-employed. It can involve pruning trees for aesthetic and structural purposes, tying down trees, and preventing tree growth from interfering with utility wires. It can also involve dismantling trees and assessing the risk of disease and infestation.

The Job Description for a Tree Surgeon is vast and varied and the role is highly specialized. This profession requires a wide variety of skills and training. It is important to learn as much as possible about this career choice before pursuing it. This basic guide is intended to give an insight into the role and the specific skills needed.

A tree surgeon works long hours and may work up to forty-five hours per week. They typically work during daylight hours and travel to different locations within their region. They may also work weekends and during emergency situations. A tree surgeon should be physically fit to avoid injury and stay safe. It is also important to stay up-to-date with health and safety laws.

While a tree surgeon’s educational requirements vary, most require a high school diploma. Many tree surgeons also have a bachelor’s degree. They should also have some experience in the field. Often, they work with heavy equipment and must be able to work at heights.

Skills required

Tree surgeons are highly skilled professionals whose job involves the cultivation and care of trees. They assess the health of trees, cut off unhealthy ones and maintain a healthy ecosystem. These professionals usually possess strong climbing skills and know how to use power tools and machinery. They also must be able to communicate effectively and maintain a calm and professional attitude in a hazardous environment.

If you’re interested in a career as a tree surgeon, you don’t need to hold a degree to get started. You can also pursue an apprenticeship in the field, or gain relevant practical skills on the job. Various university and college courses in arboriculture and forestry are relevant. You can also take up voluntary work to gain valuable experience.

The skills required for becoming a tree surgeon can be learned through various courses and training programmes. An apprenticeship in the field provides on-site experience, while an internship provides an opportunity to study and develop technical skills. You can also get experience as a tree surgeon through volunteering. Certification from the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) is another option. To obtain this certification, you must have at least three years of relevant experience in the field and have worked in a safety role.

As a tree surgeon, you’ll perform pruning on trees to keep them healthy and safe. Tree surgeons may also conduct pest control services. They will cut down dead and unhealthy trees and remove the stumps. They must also perform hazard assessments.


The salary of a tree surgeon can vary greatly. It can range from $23,500 to $397,500 per year. The median salary for this profession is $33,500, while the highest-paid Tree Surgeons earn an average of $55,700 per year. The salary for this profession depends on factors like location and skill level.

To become a tree surgeon, you must first complete a formal training course. The Royal Forestry Society and Arboricultural Association offer training courses to help you earn a certification. The resulting certificate is known as a C40 or C41 and is equivalent to a Lantra card. In addition, you must be physically fit and have strong upper body strength. You must have a clean driving record and a car, and you must wear protective clothing and wear safety gear.

A tree surgeon is a specialist in tree care. Their job involves pruning and trimming trees, as well as clearing debris. Additionally, they might need to perform hazard assessments. Moreover, their salaries may differ significantly depending on their education and experience. For example, a tree surgeon with no experience or a low-level certificate might earn around PS16,000 per year. However, a tree surgeon with a higher-level education and experience could earn up to PS45,000 per year.

Tree surgeons typically work 40-plus hours a week. They must wear protective clothing and safety glasses, as well as work boots. To avoid accidents, they must wear bright colors so they can be seen easily.